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Frequently Asked Questions About Nadi Shastra Astrology

Facts about Naadi Shastra

Q:- How can you predict thorough palm leaves? Can you explain the beginning of this technique?
A:-Origin of Palm leaves can be traced back to couple of thousands years ago. At some point in The British rule, The British were particularly eager to obtain these types of ancient leaves, which deal with herbal cure, alchemy, various potions, Kalyakalpa to extend lifespan and multiple branches of fortune telling to name a few. In some of these fundamental rules of modern scientific innovation are explained. However, British were eager to take all these but they left behind Astrological leaves to their loyalist. People from a particular community who were specialized in Astrology bought these leaves and made Naadi reading their livelihood. As far as the genuineness, numerous clients have massively benefited through our astrological science.
Q:- Can someone from different country benefit from Naadi Shasta Astrology?
A:- We have only specific amount of palm leaves collection. Peoples whose leaves are here will eventually come to us from any corner of world at appropriate time, which is specified on the leaves. To answer your question yes person from outside India from any religion can come to us. Whoever is destined to find what is written in the palm leaves comes to us. In fact, the word ‘Naadi’ means ‘in search of ‘in Tamil.
Q:- Therefore, you don't have leaves of people who are no destined to come to you?
A:- Yes, that’s true, this is the distinctiveness of this astrology. Even the very age when person is destined to come to us is manifest on the leaves. Whoever destined to come to us he will come at the right time. Belief is the core of our system.
Q:- Can you predict anything beside what is written on the Palm Leaves?
A:- To make things clear we are ‘Naadi readers ‘we just comprehend whatever written on the leaves to our clients and provide explanations to them. We don’t add anything in these predictions, sometimes we have to come across to clients who are annoyed by knowing some unlikable facts. Though we suggest corrective measure to be embark on to prevail over them. These remedial measures are also written on the palm leaves.
Q:- There are rumors that you manage to get lot of information from your clients discreetly ahead of your process? Do these rumors hold any ground?
A:- Not at all, we don’t need such alternatives besides it’s against our sacred principles. When we begin reading from palm leaves, occasionally person’s full name is written and in some cases the names only suggested indirectly providing details about the number of letters in the name, hints of corresponding deity/God etc.  We do ask questions but that to only locate the correct leaf. We request our clients to answer in only yes or no when we are looking through the leaves. You can validate your horoscope with the description given on the leaf. If there were any malpractice in our working, we would not have survived so many generations.

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