Naadi Astrology
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Naadi Astrology
nadi shastra


Naadi Astrology is a distinctive Indian ancient Method of Astrology to comprehend about the individual’s Past, Present and the precise predictions of individual’s future. Thousands years ago eighteen great Indian sages including ‘Saptarishis’ like Agasthya, Vasishta, Kaushika, Bohar, Brihu with their celestial wisdom and power, emblazoned on palm leaves comprehensive life details of every human being who has living, lived and yet to be born. There are multiple types of Naadis available and these are named after Rishis who wrote them as Agasthya Naadi, Vasishta Naadi, Kaushika Naadi,Bohar Naadi Etc.

The meaning of word Naadi in Tamil is “in search of”. As person search for the details of his entire life on the Palm leaves, these leaves can provide you all the details from life to death. This method is come to be called as Naadi Astrology> or Naadi Shastra. Each Naadi is made up of particular “Ola” i.e “Palm Leaf” of a person and life details and predictions are recorded on it in ‘Vatta Ezhutthu’, A Tamil script creted with the pointed instrument known as ‘Ezhuttani’. These Palm leaves conserved for a long time by applying peacock oil on auspicious occasions. The inscriptions or the records on these palm leaves are in the ancient Tamil Language in verse form, and only exclusively Trained Naadi Reader will be able to read and interpret them to us. The predictions enclosed in these palm leaves are exactly as they are predefined and predetermined by the sages and cannot be altered or manipulated.

Originally, these Palm leaves were preserved in Saraswathy Mahal Library in Thanjavur City in Tamilnadu state of India. British sold these palm leaves to locals. People belonging to a particular community specialized in Astrology bought these leaves. Astrological families in Vaitheeswarankoil, in close proximity to Chidambaram in Tamilnadu also acquired some of these leaves. These leaves have been handed down from generation to generation to make predictions.

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