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Nadi Reader


What is Nadi Reader ?

    Nadi Astrology predictions are based on thumb impression of an individual.

First Nadi Reader takes thumb impression of individual right for men and left for women.

Then Nadi Reader commences the search to trace the palm leaf matches with the individual’s thumb print configuration.

Nadi Reader goes through a comprehensive process of locating a precise match for person’s thumb impression until he finds the exact leaf. It is believed that the person who is destined to know his or her life prediction can get to know about their life predictions for Nadi Astrologer.


   Once the leaf located then Nadi Reader will narrate the script written in Tamil and simultaneously translate it any language as per your preference. 

Prediction can be recorded on an audio cassette tape or CD for Nadi Seeker’s future reference.

Palm leaves prediction is not restricted to only India, Individuals from foreign countries from different religions and doctrine can take advantage of it. 

Nadi Shastra Astrology comprises all the decisive aspects of human life, such as Family, Education, Career, Business and Investment, Love and Marriage, health, foreign visits, etc. apart from the past, present and Future predictions, Nadi Astrologer in Mumbai,Mulund also recommends appropriate solutions to prevail over predicaments confronting us.

Nadi Reader
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