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Naadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology In Mumbai


Being one of the best naadi astrology in Mumbai, our Nadi predictions gives you understanding of the connection from your previous birth to your present life. Another, even better value of our naadi astrology in Mumbai is that it provides the exact ways to change the residual karma of the previous birth to you.

Your past in reality can come to haunt you in many ways. Thus, at our centre of naadi astrology in Andheri, we endow you with solutions based on your karmic actions. The Rishis Munims not only engraved your soul's roadmap on your 'Nadi' leaf, but also had given a list of 'remedies' or 'course rectifications' that will restore you on a constructive path. You can therefore rectify past life mistakes or errors in judgment at our centre of naadi astrology in Andheri. Most often these remedies may include easy offerings or divine prayers.

Manirajan Nadi Atrology also offer services of naadi astrology in Mulund, from which you can receive right predictions of your life's journey. At our naadi astrology in Mulund, we ensure that the performance of the remedies counteracts the residual consequences of your past actions and permits you to grow with your ambitions in this lifetime.



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