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Naadi Astrology
nadi shastra


Kandamas (Chapters) depicted in Naadi Astrology

1 General
This is an indispensable chapter without this chapter information about the following chapters will not be accessible. This chapter contains birth derails of the Naadi Seeker. It also provide the delineate of 12 chapters 

2 Education and Wealth 
Second chapter concerns with Family, Education, Financial Stability, Power of speech and problems related to Eyes. 

3 Siblings
This Chapter depicts about the relationship between siblings, affections, benefits, problems

4 Mother and fortune
Chapter related with individual’s mother, property, wealth, house, agriculture, vehicles and comforts of life. 

5 Children 
Chapter informs about children’s education, Career, and married life in future, Explanation for not bearing children, Remedial methods for birth of children. 

6 Disease, Litigation and Debt
Chapter concerns with problems arise due to adversaries, disease, debts, court cases and their solution. 

7 Matrimony
Details regarding Marriage, horoscope details of your potential life Partner, Reasons for delay in the marriage and remedial procedures.  

8 Lifespan & Permanence
Chapter Deals with person’s lifespan, Health, long standing diseases, ancient dangers, details regarding death such as year and month of death.
9 Father, Possessions & Affluence
Related to individual’s father, ancestral affluence, and cumulative wealth as well as rendering religious services.  

10 Professions, Trade and Business
Chapter deals with profession, Business, Career, Job, Career and profitable sources.  

11 Income & Second Marriage
Lump sum Financial profits as well as possibility of second marriage.

12 Loss, Disbursement and Salvation (Moksha)
Expenditure, losses, reasons for them, deliverance, information regarding foreign visit, and about next birth. 
13 Shanthi Pariharam
Details regarding past life, sins committed in past life and their consequences in this birth as well as remedial precautions to take in this life.

14 Deekshai Pariharam
Information related to mantra Jaap and Pooja to perform to triumph over adversaries and diminish the dire effects of the planet and evil spirits.

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