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Naadi Astrology
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Nadi Reading Procedure

Nadi Reading procedure starts with taking a thumb impression, right thumb for male and left for female. Nadi Astrology predicts all about your family, upcoming vicissitudes solve them by looking through remedial measures by seeing the ancient palm leaves. 

Nadi Astrologer takes the thumb impression of an individual who has come in search of his Naadi leaf. He then starts the process of searching the palm leaf and after finding the palm leaf, he utilizes to predict for them. Thumbprint needs to match the other possible palm leaves from the several manuscripts. Generally, Nadi Readers have a collection of these palm writings, which keep on circulating. He commences the process from each leaf and starts asking a series of questions to the person regarding his life to identify the correct palm leaf. The Process of locating palm leaf can take a few minutes to several hours, if the entire particulars match with the information in the leaf, only then Naadi reader considers as their leaf and begin predicting by considering their leaf about their past, present and future.       

First, there will be general reading and then, based according to the consultant’s interest, we can go for additional chapters to understand about it. Nadi Reader cannot add anything from his side, though Nadi Reader can propose some of the counteractive measures which person can take to reduce the influences of past Karma and enhance the benefits of future activities.

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